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No sunshine, but plenty to keep the Creo team smiling!

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but it’s August.


Roker 4

While I can’t quite understand where 2015 has gone so far, I’m secretly very excited for the darker nights and less humid weather (although we don’t seem to have had much of a summer).

This summer has been a total whirlwind at Creo HQ, and it doesn’t seem set to slow down any time soon either. We have more exciting projects coming on board and we’re gearing up for another few crazy months ahead – and you can really feel the buzz in the office.

Although, that buzz might very soon turn into lunacy. The most common noise in the office lately is the roar of typing from the MacBooks as our to-do lists seem to get longer and longer.

But the best thing about being busy at Creo is that everyone here embraces it. We love a challenge and we genuinely push ourselves to do more, we over deliver every opportunity we can and that’s something we’re really proud of.

Thankfully we have another pair of hands in the office in the form of our lovely new intern Charlotte Hagel.


Charlotte previously joined us in April as Charlotte Gadd for a week’s placement (congrats on the wedding!) and now joins us as an intern from the University of Sunderland for a whole four weeks!

We’re delighted to have Charlotte back in the office, her enthusiasm is second to none and we’re very excited to get her young and fresh mind involved in some of our more creative contracts.

Welcome to the team Charlotte!

We have also finally got around to taking our own photos for the website, and they’ll be live soon, so keep an eye out for our pretty little faces gracing the interwebs!

Jess Ramsey

Please note we are currently working from home until further notice. To contact the team:

Louise Bradford
0778 894 4120