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The month in social media: September

Twitter helps support World Suicide Prevention Day

DJWQIsOX0AE3GjyTo mark World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September 2018, Twitter introduced a new emoji to help raise awareness of the campaign.

Twitter, in partnership with the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), launched a special emoji in the shape of an orange and yellow ribbon — the international symbol for World Suicide Prevention Day.

The emoji appeared whenever people Tweeted with the hashtags #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #SuicidePrevention, #WSPD2018, and #WSPD from September 7-16 in 15 different languages.

This is the latest in a string of charitable and health related projects Twitter has thrown its weight behind in recent years.


Snapchat helps Americans register to vote

Snapchat-National-Voter-Registration-Day-FilterVoting is one of the most important forms of self-expression we have in democratic societies however, so many young people across the globe fail to take advantage of their right to vote.

This is why Snapchat introduced ‘TurboVote’ on 24thSeptember to mark National Voter Registration Day in the USA. The feature allowed users aged 18+ to register to vote through the official website and encouraged them to exercise their right.


Facebook launches campaign to get girls coding

To help educators inspire students to pursue computer programming, Facebook has launched CodeFWD.

maya-and-codefwd2CodeFWD is a free online education program created in partnership with Sphero to increase the amount of underrepresented and female students interested in studying computer science.

In a statement, the company said: “Schools and learning communities are among the most important communities that we all belong to.
“At Facebook, we’re creating the programs, tools, and products to build diverse education communities that bring the world closer together.”

Facebook is now working on a number of other initiatives similar to CodeFWD in order to widen the pipeline of diverse talent studying computer sciences.


Instagram founders leave the company

Tech entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have left Instagram in a bid to ‘rediscover their creativity’.

The pair founded Instagram in 2010 before selling it to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for a whopping $1bn in 2016.

However, after spending two years working alongside Zuckerberg, the pair have become disillusioned and unhappy with not having as much creative freedom.

“We’re planning on taking some time off to explore our curiosity and creativity again,” Systrom’s statement said.

“Building new things requires that we step back, understand what inspires us and match that with what the world needs; that’s what we plan to do.”

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum also left Facebook earlier this year after disagreements with Facebook management over how to build the business he founded.


YouTube introduces vertical video ads

unnamedVideo sharing platform YouTube has started accepting vertical video adverts in order to cater for the increasing number of mobile users now visiting its site and app.

Globally, more than 70% of YouTube watch time now happens on mobile devices and the social media network has moved quickly to address this.

Hyundai was the first brand to take YouTube vertical video ads for a test drive, using the feature in combination with their horizontal video assets to introduce the world to an all new SUV model.

The result: a 33% percent lift in brand awareness and a nearly 12% lift in consideration.


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