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Facebook Watch goes global

Facebook Watch

After a successful year-long trial in the US, Facebook has decided to roll out its new Watch platform to users across the globe.

Watch was launched in a bid to give people a place on Facebook to find shows and video creators they love and to start conversations with friends, other fans, and even creators themselves.

Every month, more than 50 million people in the US used Watch to view videos for at least a minute — and the total time spent watching videos in Watch has increased by 14X since the start of 2018.

Breaking down what Watch will include, Facebook broke it down into four key points:

  • A place to discover new videos: Find the latest videos spanning entertainment, sports, news and more — all in your personalised Watch feed.
  • A way to catch up with creators and publishers you love: At the top of your Watch feed you’ll see your Watchlist, a collection of recent videos from pages you follow. Customise this section by following more pages or removing pages from your follow list within Watch.
  • A home for your saved videos: If you see a video in News Feed but don’t have time to watch it right away, you can save it to watch later in Watch.
  • Videos you can participate in: We’re building new video experiences that put people at the center, giving them the ability to shape the direction of the content. Over time you’ll be able to find new video experiences in your Watch feed, like Watch Parties, Premieres, and videos focused on audience participation — like the new trivia game show, Confetti. And we’ll make it easier to find live videos so you can discuss the big moments as they’re happening.

Facebook Watch comes just a few months after its sister network Instagram launched its own video streaming service, Instagram TV.



Instagram introduces ‘recommended posts’ into newsfeeds


If, like me, you often find yourself scrolling aimlessly through reels and reels of images on Instagram, then you might be about to find yourself scrolling even further into the abyss.

The image sharing social media network has this month announced plans to introduce ‘recommended posts’ into its users newsfeeds in a bid to help them find more content creators to follow.

However, whilst this may lead to increased use by users, it could lead also lead to increased exposure for brands using the platform to promote their products/services.

As the recommended posts are based on the people users follow and the photos and videos they choose to like, it will help brands increase their reach to users who have similar interests to their existing customer base.

A huge result for brands!



Twitter launches #DontBelieveEveryTweet campaign


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has launched a new campaign encouraging users to be skeptical of everything you see on Twitter because ‘users can put literally anything in a tweet.’

The campaign, which can be found at, asks Twitetr users to sign a pledge and share the message with their friends and followers (on Twitter, of course).

In a statement, Dorsey said: “We hope you’ll take the time to sign our pledge not to believe every tweet in your feed and share the #dontbelieveeverytweet commercials with your friends (on Twitter of course). We’re also going to start airing on FOX News in the next few days because duh.”


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